Smart Solutions for Smarter Cities & Smarter Citizens

Technology Driven Organisation with right blend of experience and young enthusiasm.


Techregis Solutions is a division of Dainvish Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Dainvish, being in Infratech projects has envisaged to engage into Smart City based technology and projects and formed Techregis Innovations as a division to engage mainly on Smart City Projects. Dainvish has engaged young yet experienced and enthusiastic leaders who are also co-founders of Techregis Innovations. The Vice Presidents of the organisation has huge experience in carrying out large and technology projects mapping the requirement of the citizens as well as the authorities or government.


Techregis aspire to be prominent and pioneer in Smart City solutions.

The ease of use, smooth implementation and efficiency of the technology which helps the citizens as well as the authorities to enhance the day to day living experience is possible with apt technology and solutioning with will and dedication

Techregis keeps on innovating new concepts & ideas and work on them to create better and sustainable living.