Smart Street Lights

Next Generation Implementation creating energy efficient solution and yet works like traditional street lights

Intelligence with Efficiency

Smart Street Lightings for smart cities

Smart Street Lighting are one of the most efficient solutions for not only Smart Cities, but also for any urban and also rural habitat. Smart Street Lighting solutions from Techregis help to save energy and also emission of heat. The smart controllers used in the solutions have intelligent sensors which detect daylight, motion detection, status of the individual lights and much more. The Solar Powered option for the Street Lights makes it more energy efficient.

The Smart Street Lighting Solution Provided by Techregis not only saves energy and cost but is also environment friendly. Intelligent, Smart, Automated and Networked grid of smart street lights can be managed centrally along with alerts and notifications. The scalability of the solutions enables it to seamlessly integrate to other third party solutions or any existing legacy digital system.



The street lights connected to each other wirelessly or through wire in a mesh network and the zone has a gateway which is in turn connected to the Control Center. The gateway transmits the health and functionality of individual lights to the control center through Internet / WAN Connectivity.

The installed Smart Street Lights can be controlled automatically based on the parameters and the policies defined including the lux, motion and can also be controlled centrally individually or zonally as per the requirement. The central dashboard shall have the realtime update on the lights which are lit up and which are damaged or malfunctioning.

Not only the on and off operation can be controlled but the intensity of the light required can also be controlled and programmed based on the required parameters through the intelligent management software